The Beauty of Japan: TSUBAKI OIL

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Japanese women have been admired the world over for their shiny, silky hair for as long as history has been recorded. From the highly trained and sartorially perfect geisha of ancient Edo to the modern career women of Tokyo and Osaka….one beauty secret seems to hold true. The tsubaki oil treatment, derived from the camelia flower’s opulent and ultra-nourishing oils is the go to beauty elixir for the hair  of your dreams.

The potent but lusciously scented oil is a favorite for those who dislike the heavy feel and scent of Argan oil treatments. The reason the oil is so nutritious for our tresses is because the camelia flower’s oil is rich in oleic acid, which is similar in composition to our own skin and hair. This super emollient is also chock full of numerous anti-aging antioxidants that are easily absorbed by our hair and skin cells, and unlike many other oils it is absorbed by the lower levels of our skin where it can do the most good.

Here are two of our favorite camellia or tsubaki oil beauty products from Japan.

Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil

Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil

(Courtesy of Tatcha)

Tatcha have created the world’s most luxurious camellia beauty oil. The treasure of Japan, the Japanese camellia’s oil is married with the shine enhancing properties of 24K gold flakes. This lightly but beautifully scented face, hair, and body oil will infuse parched hair, cuticles, and elbows with moisture that lasts. A must for every traveler, in flight dryness won’t stand a chance.

The Shisedo Tsubaki Shampoo

The Shisedo Tsubaki oil complex(Image courtesy of Shiseido)

Shiseido, arbiters of great Japanese beauty secrets for more than 100 years, have truly broken the mold when it comes to ultra-moisturizing shampoo’s and hair conditioners. The Shisedo Tsubaki oil complex is a sumptuous shampoo that reverses moisture loss and when paired with its conditioner, helps create a barrier on the hair to prevent further drying throughout the day. You’ll hit the office in the morning and after work cocktails with the same bouncy, moisturized and gorgeous waves.

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