Japan's No.1 Gray Hair Treatment Products

Natural at-home hair colors + anti-aging hair and scalp care

Powerful Dual Action

Promotes Hair Growth

& Prevents Hair Loss

A roll-on serum to normalize your disturbed hair cycle to grow healthy hair that doesn't fall out prematurely

Voted #1 At-Home Color Product in Japan

Camouflages Grays For A Natural Look

Doesn’t dye, doesn’t damage

22 botanical ingredients

Advanced Ingredient Technology

Clean, Irritant-Free, Dermatologist Approved Formulas

smart aging

IDEALIZE Premium Essence

Awaken your skin's inner strength

Our cutting-edge formula combines Nobel Prize-winning ingredients and sophisticated skincare technology to deliver unparalleled results.

dermatologist approved

No Irritants & Gentle on Sensitive Skin

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awards winner

Across Multiple Consumer & Industry Categories

What we stand for

Clean & Gentle

Free of Silicone, Paraben & Sulfates

Cruelty Free

No Fragrance and No Mineral Oils


Gentle at-home coloring

Japan’s advanced irritant-free hair coloring technology infused with 22 botanical ingredients to deeply hydrate and nurture your hair & scalp. This is superior performance & hair health in one.

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But first, your scalp health

Introducing our Root Beauté collection that zeroes in on the well functioning of your scalp. Taking a skincare approach to deeply clean, hydrate and rejuvenate, we're here to establish the foundation for full, lustrous hair.

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3 colors that adjust to your shade

Color Match Lookbook

Our color coating technology lets 3 shades blend flawlessly with a wide spectrum of hair colors.

Gaah: skincare & wellness from the makers of Kiwabi


At Gaah, we believe in nurturing beauty from within while empowering you to embrace the elegance of Smart Aging. Our carefully formulated products are designed to bring out the best in your skin and your body, helping you achieve a confident glow that evolves with time.

Japan's cutting-edge innovation in haircare, skincare & wellness

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Root Vanish Gray Coverage
Root Beauté Hair & Scalp Care
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