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Conditioner for color-treated hair

Conditioner for color-treated hair

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5 high-functional components that protect the inside and outside of your hair and maintain color provide well-guarded and healthy-look hair with longer-lasting  vibrance.

Award-winning component (Functional component golden award):
Combination with keratin penetrates deeper inside your hair and truly supports its vibrancy and richness.

Nobel-prize winning component, Fullerene:
172 times the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin C keeps your hair color from fading from the stress of the sun.

Patented component, Three-phase lamellar:
Also called Adsorbed moisture capsule, provides moisture and glossiness to your hair. The result lasts long after use.

Red clover extract (acetyl tetrapeptide-3):
17-type collagen controlling  color stem cells supports hair growth and strengthens your hair.

Angelica extract:
Help produce melanin pigment and darken gray hair.

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