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As a “Prestige” beauty brand, we both “connect with & exclude*” our clients and wecreate a balance between “belonging with longing” which our clients embrace. While we celebrate our position in ultra high-end salons working with world-leading beautyexperts, we like to share our passion and our vision of all things beautiful with the rest of the world.

We always capture the Truth and we admire performance.Our Products are built on the truth found in nature and they perform to our exactingprofessional standards. We admire this in what we find in the world, and we share thisto communicate our brand standards .

We always embrace our global heritage of beauty, nature and innovation and convey itthrough the content we share about our products, our company and the mission & vision of our founders. We offer worldwide shipping, 100% authentic and the newest product, directly from Japan.


1. Wholesale Price

Our wholesale team operates individually from website and we will not adjust wholesale price upon promotion of individual products on website. Also, we don’t’ guarantee that we offer the cheapest price than our website or other platforms. Buyers are welcome to make their own purchase decision.

2. Payment Method

Buyers can pay by Paypal or Bank Transfer only. We will not charge any payment service fee of it.

3. Logistics Arrangement

We accept International orders and over 160 countries can be reached. The actual shipping fee varies from case to case.

4. Delivery Time

Our warehouse is located in Fukuoka Japan. Orders will be dispatched within 2 working days and the actual delivery time normally takes 3 to 14 days, depending on the delivery country. A few more working days are needed for remote areas.

5. Product Disclaimer

THREE M Limited will not bear any liability of the loss caused by logistic company during delivery.

6. Product Exchange/Return Policy

THREE M accepts NO exchange/return once products are sold. And we reserve the right to reject any order refund.

7. Arrangement of Wrong Delivery/Broken Products

Buyer have to inform us within 7 days upon receipt of the products. If products are found broken/received wrong products. We will resend/refund after verifying the case. However, if products cannot be delivered due to buyer’s fault (e.g Buyer was away traveling), we will not bear any responsibility of that and if the items returned to us because of this, buyers have to pay the return logistics cost. Lastly, if products are found broken after return, buyer have to compensate all relevant loss.

8. Pre-Order

We do not accept pre-order normally, but for confirmed exceptional case, buyer must pay 50% of the total order amount as deposit. And buyer must pay off the balance upon stocks arrival. Cancellation is not allowed once pre-order are confirmed. If buyer cancels the pre-order, the deposit will not be refunded.

9. Other Disclaimer

THREE M Limited will not be responsible for the conditions listed as below: Any unrestricted strike , Zone Lockdown , Labor Action , Riot , Terrorist Attacks/Threat, War ( regardless of declaration ), War Threat , Fire, Storm , Flooding, Earthquake , Land Collapse , Disease Outbreak ( and all other natural disasters ), Public or Private Telecommunications network is corrupted and makes buyer suffers from loss We will take below actions if above conditions happen: 1) INFORM BUYER IMMEDIATELY 2) SUSPEND RELATED BUSINESS ACTIVITIES AND SHIPMENTS, DELIVERY PERIOD WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY EXTENDED. WE WILL BASE ON ACTUAL SITUATIONS TO ARRANGE REDELIVERY.

10. Reserve the Right of Order Refusal

THREE M Limited reserves all the rights of the final interpretation of this Wholesale Contract; and have rights to deny related (extra) Services and (extra) Responsibility.


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