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KIWABI: Exquisite Harmony in Beauty

Kiwabi is a global beauty company which develops, manufactures and sells prestige beauty haircare products we believe make our clients lives more beautiful. Our dermatology, color and hair care experts test and select the best and latest ingredient technologies to seamlessly blend nature with science.

We are a leader in state-of-the-art color coverage, corrective camouflage and healthy hair treatments. Our formulations are effective, yet gentle on the hair and scalp and deliver results utilizing the power of nature from the 22 natural botanicals we utilize in our formulations. Our Products are built on the truth found in nature and our unlocked and combined in our exclusive formulations to perform to our exacting standards.

Our products are used by the most demanding professionals in the world and are beloved by our customers, both women and men who enjoy the immediate results and long-lasting benefits of our products.

We are driven by the technological heritage of Japan which we combine with our decades of experience working directly with clients across the globe, including Tokyo, Beverly Hills, and New York. We are available at some of the finest retailers in the world in 18 countries across 3 continents, in over 300 cities and we are growing.