Should I apply Root Vanish (RV) Coloring Brush to wet or dry hair?

You can apply our Root Vanish products to both wet or dry hair. Simply follow the instructions or watch our How To Videos here for the Coloring Brush and here for the Color Treatment. You should apply to clean dry hair and blow dry after for best results.

How many clicks do I need to start the Coloring Brush? How much should I pump out?

For your first time using our Coloring Brush, we recommend 12-20 clicks until you see the product moisten the pen brush, and then begin to apply the product to your roots. For first time pumping the Coloring Brush, you may also use a tissue to spread the color across the brush. Only 2 clicks are necessary to cover the part line and face line. You may also re-apply the next day for deeper coverage as well if you’d like.

How many clicks are necessary to cover my emerging roots?

The light weight, gel-based formula and the perfectly designed applicator brush allows RV Coloring Brush to spread and blend easily, exactly where you want to target coverage. Two pumps should cover the part and hairline where you see the regrowth. You may also use more clicks if you wish to layer and add depth and contours to the overall look, thanks to the layerable formula.

How long will Coloring Brush last?

Each RV Coloring Brush applicator contains enough product for 100 clicks, or 50 uses. Depending on the quantity and frequency of use, your Root Vanish should last anywhere from 2-6 months.

Can I use Coloring Brush on my beard and mustache?

Yes! Our Coloring Brush is a perfect touch-up for men, including beards, side burns and mustache as it does not stain your skin. As your facial hair is generally thicker and courser than hair on your scalp, our brush applicator is very helpful to ensure proper coverage. We do not recommend using the product on eyebrows or anywhere near your eyes.

Can I use Coloring Brush or Color Treatment on chemically relaxed or permed hair?

Yes. The color is like a manicure for your hair and can be applied if you have chemically relaxed or permed hair. There are no harsh chemicals, like ammonia or peroxide, to damage the hair.

Why is RV Coloring Brush better than a spray or a powder cover up?

Our state of the art formulations and pump-brush were created to provide the most natural and nourishing results to camouflage your roots. We believe the ability for you to easily control coverage, the color range offered and our natural botanical ingredients clearly make Coloring Brush the best solution on the market. Our product does not flake away, will not dry out your hair, is not sticky or tacky to touch, it will not rub off onto your hands or get under your nails, it does not stain and does not create “spots” of color like some sprays do. Spray type colorants are water + oil based with a blend of color particles, which means they transfer, rub-off, easily when any water touches them, including rain or sweat.

Our mission is to create the safest, most gentle, and most caring grey coverup product possible but with gorgeous, natural looking and youthfully vibrant finish. Overtime with use, Root Vanish will make hair follicles and scalp healthier and your hair looking more radiant, stronger, and youthful.

Can I take the RV Coloring Brush on board when I travel?  Will it spill?

Yes! Many clients have told us its perfect for someone on-the-go or between color appointments, especially if you’re traveling—our Coloring Brush meets TSA regulations. It’s also the perfect touch-up for special events when traveling, or just looking and feeling your best. Great for men too, and works for facial hair touch-ups without staining the skin.

Doesn't it have the typical gray coverage smell?

It has gentle lavender scent.

hat is a manicure type?

It is a dye that the pigment attaches on the hair's surface. Different from the chemical dye, it cares for the hair and scalp while covering grays.

What if it gets on my hands and scalp?

Wash it off before it dries up or wipe with a wet cotton ball or towel. f Also, if it gets on clothes, rinse it off immediately. As it stays on the skin longer, it may become harder to remove. Checking with a mirrow, apply the gel, making sure it doesn't get on your hands, scalp or forehead.

Do I need to wash out RV Coloring Brush before I go to my coloring appointment?

No you do not need to wash out the product before going to the colorist; you will want to let them know you are using our product. Some clients take the Coloring Brush when they receive a blow-out for their stylists to touch-up their roots as well.

What washing technique do you recommend if I accidentally get the product on my clothes while applying?

While Coloring Brush sets quickly without any need for further drying or waiting and does not transfer, dropping a pumped brush on your clothes is a different story! For accidents, simply wash with soap and warm water. The natural botanical essences and oils allow for easy and clothing-safe removal.

Can I sleep with the Coloring Brush? How long will it stay on?

Coloring Brush is non-transferable and safe for sleep, it doesn’t smudge or flake away. That said, if you do wet your hair and still have Coloring Brush on, wait until it dries before lying down. If left unwashed, Roots Vanish can last until hair is washed in warm water with shampoo. To note, because it does not contain chemical stabilizers, applied areas will get lighter with air and light exposure, so spot re-application may be necessary. Keep an eye on your individual color richness.

Can I use other hair styling products with RV Coloring Brush? Should I apply before or after?

The beauty and innovation of Coloring Brush is also in its ability to not affect your regular hair routine. You can use any product before or after, including leave-in hair conditioners, hair nourishing oils, dry shampoos, gel, mousse, you name it! Please note that you can get the best coverage using the least amount of product when Coloring Brush is applied to dry hair.


Is the RV Color Treatment a permanent color?

No, it is not permanent color and does not damage the hair cuticle to inject the color. Color Treatment products are like a manicure coat for your hair, the 22 botanicals also moisturize and treat your hair as the color gently and effectively coats each shaft.

ow long does the color hold?

Although one applicatoion will take care of the gray hair, this manicure type will lose color little by little with each shampooing. Before you lose color too much and gray hair starts bothering you, we recommend a regular use of the Treatment.

Can I change the original color of my hair?

Since our Gray Hair Color Treatment is a manicure type, it dyes black hair somewhat. However, if your hair is black, it is too strong to show the color of the dye and only gray hair will show the color change. Choose the color that is suited to your original hair color.

Doesn't it have the typical gray coverage smell?

It has gentle lavender scent.

What is a manicure type?

It is a dye that the pigment attaches on the hair's surface. Different from the chemical dye, it cares for the hair and scalp while covering grays.

After going through the trouble and nearly $48, I got only this result. I'd rather choose a salon coloring.

Gray coverage at salons use permanent dyes which are powerful but come with ingredients that are prone to triger skin rash and to damage your hair and scalp.

My scalp is sensitive and I cannot use regular hair dye. This product seemed to be free of irritating ingredients and I bought it, but the instruction tells me to do a patch test for 48 hours, which makes me worry about the safety.

Patch test is the most effective test to determine allergy to hair dyes and there is no other testing method available currently. This test requires checking a reaction within a short time (immediate reaction) and after a long time (delayed reaction). For these, After you apply the treatment on your skin, you need to observe twice, after 30 minutes and after 48 hours.

Sideburns are hard to dye

During the daily face washing, sideburns may be washed without you realizing it, which causes grays in sideburns tend to lose color and have difficulty in keeping color. Even if you apply gray coverage well on the sideburns, temperatures and humidity may cause the finish uneven. Since sideburns are close to your skin and tends to get dirty easily. Also, the shampoo, styling agent, makeup, etc. that you use daily may be coating the hair and making it harder for the gray coverage to stick on the hair.


Is it easy to use?

Yes, you use it like regular shampoo. Just switch your shampoo with our Color Shampoo.

How long does it take before the grays become diminished?

It depends on individuals, but if you shampoo everyday, On about the third use, you begin to see the color on the grays and with each use, natural colors will settle. If you desire better color hold and improved color and luster, we recommend the Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair to be used with the Colorng Shampoo.

Can I use it every day?

Our product does not force cuticles to open up to bleach inside the hair. This is a manicure type gray coverage with no additives that attatches on the hair surface. With 8 kinds of botanical ingredients that are gentle, it is safe to use every day. There is no diamin coloring contained. We use natural plant colors to avoid stress on the hair and scalp.

How effective is the Color Shampoo?

Use our Shampoo every day or once in a few days as you normally do. However, when it comes to effects, the color gradually accumulates. The more often you use the Color Shampoo, the more effective it will be

What is the appropreate amount of the Color Shampoo to use?

It depends on how much gray hair you have or its condition, but just one teaspoonful may be too little. Color Shampoo works best by lathering it up finely and by spreading the lather over all grays as much as you can. As you use generous amounts of lather every day, grays will diminish.

I cannot lather up the Coloring Shampoo very well. Please make lather on your head.

1. [Put shampoo on the wet hand] As with regular shampoos, after wetting your hair well, put some Shampoo on your hand, watching the amount.

2. [Wash]  Lather up the shampoo directly on your head. We recommend using the included scalp-rubbing brush that helps make stiff and fine lather, which will cover all the hair to dye it effectively.

3. [Rinse well]  Rinse thoroughly until the water becomes clear.

Is it OK to wash with the Color Shampoo twice in a row?

Our gray coverage Color Shampoo is made with gentle ingredients without additives so that even customers with sensitive skin can use it. There is no adverse effects by washing twice in a row. Rest assured with its safety. If you use the Color Care Conditioner also, it will extend the life of color and turns your hair moist and smooth.

Is there an experation date to the Color Shampoo?

We recommend finish using the Color Shampoo in about three months after it is opened. The Color Shampoo does not contain strong preservatives. When 3 months pass after opening, the Shampoo may be in a condition unable to preserve the original quality. As a result, the dyeing power may be compromised or the color may change.

How long does it take to use up a bottle of Color Shampoo?

For a short cut, if you use it every day, one bottle should last for almost 2 months. However, if styling agent or oil from the skin diminishes the lather, we recommend a prewash before shampooing or wash with the Color Shampoo twice. The pace of use depends upon each individual, and 2 months is just an estimate. The key to good coloring is to make stiff and fine lather while you are shampooing and be sure the lather covers all the hair.


How much use can I get out of one bottle?

It depends on the length and amount of hair, but it should last for 4 - 5 mo. for short hair, 2.5 - 4 mo. for medium hair, and 2 - 3 mo. for long hair.

Is it OK to use it after the Color Treatment?

Yes, it is.

Can I use it during pregnancy or nursing?

It is made of natural ingredients, and it is okay to use it. However, while pregnat or nursing, you may be sensitive to the aroma or your skin condition may become unsteady. If you worry about it, consult your doctor.

When does it expire?

Even if you keep it unopened for a long time, use it up within 3 years after purchase. After opening the product, aim to finish using it within 6 months. Whether it is opened or not, please keep it away from direct sunlight and avlid high temperature and humidity.

Can I use it every day?

Yes. If you use it every time you shampoo, it will help the color stay longer and pretty.

Is it different from store-bought conditioners?

Ours contains ingredients that add glow and flexibility to the colored hair and helps maintain the color longer and improves the tone.


Was Root Vanish tested on Animals?

No, Kiwabi Root Vanish products are not tested on animals, and the products do not use any animal-based ingredients.

Is Root Vanish Ammonia Free?

All Kiwabi Root Vanish products are Ammonia and Peroxide Free.

Does Root Vanish contain any PPD or PTD: “phenylenediamines” or “phenylenediamines (toluenediamines)”?

None of our ingredients are PPD or PTD because our whole line philosophy is grounded in not damaging the integrity of each hair and to treat the hair instead of further damaging it. PPD and PTDingredients are typically only present in permanent (oxidative) hair colorants, that are harmful to the integrity and health of each hair strand. These oxidative colorants work inside the hair when mixed with peroxide, rather than on the outside of the hair like Root Vanish which does not pry open or damage the cuticles but rather coats it like a treatment manicure coat -- and therefore, is not permanent but can cover greys flawlessly.


I want to stock pile my favorite shade! How long will Roots Vanish last if unopened?

If you do not open the cap, standard time of use is within three years after purchase as long as you store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

My hair is in between two of the Root Vanish shades. Should I get the darker one or the lighter one? Do you recommend mixing?

You can go either way because of Root Vanish’s unique layerable formula! If you want more comprehensive and larger area coverage, go with a darker shade as you will only need a minimal amount to achieve the results. If you want to be able to choose levels of depth and layering, use a lighter shade that you can layer deeper in some areas while not in others. You are of course welcome to mix 2 shades together if it seems the best solution for you. The formula and shades blends seamlessly with each other to create a natural looking result.

Is KIWABI going to introduce other colors such as super light blonde and reds in the future?

Currently our Blonde works if your hair is a medium to darker blonde. Do not use if your hair color is a platinum blonde. Also note that this product does not have any bleaching agents so it will NOT lighten darker hair colors. Our Copper provides coverage for a range of redheads.

We are always looking to innovate with our range of products, and yes—if there is demand, there is possibility. Drop us a line and tell us more about what you’d like to see from us.

If the shade I got is too light or too dark, can I send it back?

Yes, as long as you purchased the product through Kiwabi's e-shop and this is your first time purchase with us, then you may exchange it for another shade within 14 days after receipt of the product. Please email us at with the color that you purchased and the color that you would like to replace with along with the automatic confirmation you received upon order.  You will only be charged for the shipping of the new product. 

We do not offer full refunds unless the product was damaged or unusable upon receipt.  In such cases, please email us with a photo or simply email us with a description of the issue and we will be in touch with you with the return address for the product and information for the replacement product or refund.  

For more information on our return policy, please visit: