KAZUMI: The Master Colorist

 Kazumi of Root Vanish

The range of colors within Kiwabi’s ROOTS VANISH were designed and formulated by KAZUMI, the highly sought-after Beverly Hills master hair colorist. Kazumi has been at the forefront of hair color formulations, cutting-edge techniques, applications and revolutionary treatments for more than 20 years. Her experience has led her to work with number of the top colorists and formulators in the world, and learned color technique from a number of industry leaders including Beverly Hills legend Stuart Gavert, who was renowned for his use of “non-ammonia” hair color.

Her passion to create transformative and build-able color led her beyond her training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy to research the science of color and develop a variety of rich shades that create natural looking results. “Color should always complement a client’s complexion while maintaining the hair’s natural integrity and texture to create a naturally radiant and perfected look,”  she says. This, she believes will always compliment a clients personal style and personality.

Tagged by Allure magazine as “brunette master” for her exceptional skill and natural instincts to transform her clients into the most beautiful version of themselves, Kazumi has attracted celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Christina Applegate, Robert Pattinson and Zoe Deschanel. Her “trust your instinct” mantra has kept her at the forefront of hair innovations including being one of the first to train Japanese hair straightening techniques in America.

With an entrepreneurial drive and focus on hair color and hair care perfection, Kazumi was inspired to create an easy, natural, gentle and healthy hair product her clients can use in between appointments. Her mission for ROOT VANISH was to create a product that went beyond simple hair color, to create a product based on botanicals to unlock the power of nature for her clients.

Root Vanish allows Kazumi’s clients and now everyone, to achieve and maintain a polished finish everyday. “I really want to create a beautiful brand that inspires our clients, I love the message that inner beauty is confidence, I always tell my clients to be strong, be confident! Great color can do this for anyone,” she says. She travels  often between her base in Beverly Hills to New York City every other month to tend to her clients who fly in to see her from around the world.