Trends We Translate: Bare Shoulder’s

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, where does that leave the shoulders? Not always appreciated as a sexy part of the human form, the shoulders can certainly pull their weight in the seduction department if the stage is properly set.  This season, the coyly bared shoulder is taking center stage in the form of subtley sexy dresses, blouses, and silky little tops that show some unexpected skin…and most importantly, put your gorgeous highlights and summer hair on full display. It’s buy-now, wear-now as S/S Collections go on massive sales to move out inventory for Pre & F/W coming soon to a luxe site near you. Some designers, like Chloe are embracing the trend with luxe silken options that drape the body in shear shades.


Chloe 3502.

Chloe Rainbow Off-The Shoulder Silk Dress courtesy of

If you’ve waited till now ladies, you’re in luck as some of the priciest versions of these looks are now on sales up to 70% off on sites like MatchesFashion and Net-A-Porter. The trick with this sleek and sexy trend is a reimagining of the long sleeve shirt which has long been a staple to our wardrobe since the early ’00’s.  Fresh and flirty, the pieces today may look a tad futuristic, yet have a cool 90s vibe that’s right on trend with all of the velvet chokers, high waisted jeans, and stacked platform footwear we’ve seen over the last year. If you’re not into the rehashing of the grunge look, the bared shoulders trend has more sophisticated roots in the Southern Italy inspired peasant style tops and gauzy blouses favored by modern design houses like Dolce & Gabbana.

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Not one to shy away from a  trend, the beauty industry couldn’t be more elated because the fashion staple provides a new way to showcase hair and skin in seasonally stunning ways.

@salonkazumibh via @kristinatabb on @alivia.n
Image via @salonkazumibh

For hair stylists and colorists, the placement of shoulder cutouts means an eyecatching and strategically placed new backdrop for their best work. Sombre and ombre tones, with all of their sunkissed sexiness look even more luminous against your summer skin. Think how dark rich blacks, neutrals and bright summer whites will pop as you head out this weekend. “Let your stylist know about how you like to wear your hair and if you plan to bare lots of shoulder this summer so your cut and color will be most flattering. Make an inspiration mood-board before your visit,” says our own co-founder and Brunette Master, Kazumi Morton from her Beverly Hills, Salon Kazumi. Don’t be afraid of texture this season, big bouncy curls, flat ironed looks or beachy tendrils get a serious style upgrade by traffic-stopping bared shoulders. Get ready!


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