Salon Style: In Search of Baby Blonde

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When we look back on our childhood photos, we often can’t help but be spellbound by the silky white blonde hue of our hair. Like a halo of ultra-flattering white light, baby blonde hair reflects sunlight and plays it across the face with a subtleness that is extremely flattering. As we age, our hair naturally darkens into adolescence and adulthood, but the steady hand of a trained colorist can revitalize your color and your complexion with a gentle whisper of razor thin slivers of baby blonde threaded about the face and crown in the same way the sunlight highlights the hair in childhood.

Kazumi Morton hair color
Baby blonde hair color via @kazumimorton

From her new Salon Kazumi in Beverly Hills, Kiwabi creator and master colorist Kazumi Morton suggests the old hair adage that “our childhood hair color is also our most flattering,” is a great rule of thumb. But she also cautions her clients to remember that a number of factors like eye color, skintone, and even lifestyle can impact how well a hair color suits you today. Since childhood, and summers spent tanning in wreckless abandon as we swam and played outdoors for hours, our skin tone has likely changed. It’s vital to speak with your colorist on how light you can go based on your skintone and eye color to achieve the most flattering results, as even the tones of your iris can also subtly change and reflect different colors as we age.

Hair by Kazumi Morton
Stunning baby blonde hair makeover by Kazumi Morton.

Once you’ve chosen the right shades for your hair, also consider refreshing  your makeup collection–yes ladies, its time to shop! If you’ve been a mid-tone brunette or “bronde” (brown-blonde) for years, your current color cosmetics (eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes) might be a bit intense for your newly found tow-headed self. Some online searches for flattering hues is a good beginning. Tell us who your favorite YouTuber or blogger is! Speak with your colorist or cosmetician when you’re considering going blonde, so you’ll know what pairs well and what should be avoided to achieve your most flattering self.


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