Quotes We Love: Do it with passion…

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A life lived without passion is hardly a life at all, the trick is to find your passion and pursue it wholeheartedly. Your inspiration could be beauty, fashion, art or architecture. Your expression could be writing a great blog or supporting your local artist at a gallery opening on Instagram…as long as you have something that quickens your pulse and ignites the light behind your eyes, we say: embrace it, express it and share it. Find that idea that sparks your imagination. As we move through life it becomes more and more important that we pour passion into all that we do – so that each thing that we touch…each activity that we undertake is filled with a part of our soul’s spirit and puts a smile on our face. It’s just this kind of passion that our own brand was born, as our co-founder Kazumi Morton puts it, “I dreamt big to create Root Vanish. I really wanted to create a beautiful brand that inspires women—be confident, be strong is what I tell my clients. Passion is important!”

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