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To say Dubai is a unique place would be an understatement of, well…Dubai proportions. Entirely man-made, like a technologically and architecturally hyper advanced mirage, the city rises out of the desert sands sparkling like a well set diamond necklace. To travel here is to get a dose of la dolce vita that even the marble palazzo dwelling and Armani clad Italian intelligentsia would tire of. Known the world over for its opulence, Dubai is over the top and jewel encrusted every step of the way. Here are some of our choice attractions when touching down in the “jewel of the desert.”

Jose Eber Salon Dubai

Jose Eber La Loge Salon

When you’re in need of a touch up, a manicure, or some aesthetic TLC…look no further than Jose Eber La Loge Salon. A posh but unpretentious beauty experience awaits you in this stunning salon, best summarized as Beverly Hills meets the Emirates Hills. For a blowout that stands up to the Summer heat and occasional sand storm (free exfoliation, anyone?) be sure to swing by this chic outpost. The salon’s name, La Loge is French for “private room”, and you’ll feel like you’ve been spirited away to your own private oasis for some well deserved maintenance.

Burj Al Arab

Hotel: Burj-Al-Arab

What would a best of Dubai round up be without mention of one of the most awe-inspiring hotel concepts the world over? The world famous and ultra luxurious hotel is widely considered the world’s first and only 7 star hotel due to its sumptuous interiors and amenities and service akin to living like true royalty. The breaktaking skyline is only enhanced by this stunning piece of architecture, and the building itself was created to be both iconic and synonymous with Dubai in the same way Sydney has the Opera House and Paris has the Eiffel Tower. If you don’t opt to stay here, be sure to take in an afternoon high tea here or check out the gorgeous and imaginative underwater restaurant, Al Mahara.

Dubai Dune Bashing

Activity: Dubai Desert Safari

With all the pomp and circumstance of Dubai’s glittering ultra luxury malls, over the top jewelry stores, 5+ star hotels it’s no wonder we added the Dubai Desert Safari to our round up of the top must sees in Dubai. You’ll meet your professional driver in the city and head out to the dunes for some exhilirating but hardly dangerous “dune bashing”. A beloved sport in Dubai, the evening drive over 10-15 foot sand dunes outside the city limits is a time honored tradition. Many safari programs also take you to a traditional Emirati village recreation where you can ride a camel, take in a bellydancing show, and dine on middle eastern fare while seated on gorgeous Persian rugs. A low key way to take in the sunset, and gain a nice respite from all of the gold bullion, Chanel bags, and Ferraris.

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