Life’s Little Luxuries

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Luxury doesn’t have to be decadent to be a recognizable part of our lives. The most enjoyable luxuries are those that one can enjoy every day, they may be small or large but offer us a faint reminder how we enjoy our lives and live to the fullest. The weight of a fine pen in your hand while you sign the check for a brunch with friends, a pair of city-ready shoes that cradle your every step as you journey about, or the luxe peace-inducing scented candle that brings fond memories of a special place or time that you keep on your desk…all of these little indulgences are the daily pleasures you can turn to to reinvigorate your mind and put you at ease as you kickstart or wind down your busy day.

Our favorite little luxuries are both sumptuous and utilitarian, the perfect splurge without the guilt. True, they don’t *ALL* come in a red box from Cartier, reside in the Bentley show room, or require a passport stamp…but they’ll make you feel like a billion dollars. Yes, that’s billion with a B.

Whether you’re writing a delicious little love note to your beau, jotting down your daily to-do list, or signing the check for lunch…the Cartier Art Deco pen in black composite and palladium is a MUST. We love the value for the price point here, at $435 this pen will be a family heirloom in no time. The exquisite feel of the cool palladium in your hand and the smooth, silky way it glides across your stationary will have you wondering why you didn’t pack away your basic pens with your alma mater emblazoned on them in favor of this Cartier crafted treasure.

Cartier Art Deco Pen

(image courtesy of Selfridges)

There isn’t a lady among us who doesn’t dream of the perfect shoe wardrobe, the perfect pair of designer heels, a no nonsense pair of leather equestrian boots that heighten our style, and a pair of leather loafers that offer perfect comfort for weekend errands. The moment of Ath-leisure is upon us and we welcome the opportunity to up our game for comfort-chic footwear too. Givenchy, Chanel, and Balenciaga have been redefining the luxury sneaker market, but it’s these pale metallic pink Lanvin sneakers that have us swooning. Style meets comfort with these feminine and fashion-forward ribbon laced plimsole style sneakers. Priced at $595, they are a bit of an investment, but will make your daily errand run that much more fabulous. Sink into these pale pink silk beauties, and you’ll look anything but sloppy. Leave it to French designers to give us sneakers that’re a sexy, plush upgrade from our everyday workout wear.

lanvin sneakers

(Courtesy of Harrods)

Unwinding at home has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures, creating a well appointed sanctuary from the outside world where every little detail makes us just a sense of joy and accomplishment. What better way to enjoy a little daily luxury than with a 100% vegan Le Labo candle crafted in a handmade concrete vessel that’ll have your friends guessing  where you found it? Le Labo has been creating fragrances for the last decade with only the world’s most rare and sought after high quality ingredients. The couture fragrance lab is world renowned for their attention to detail, creating fragrances upon order to ensure only the freshest most tantalizing botanicals and essences are included in each signature bottle. Their namesake candle line is no different. At a hefty 42 oz. and with a burn time of 150 hours, their Santal 26 is a clean, aristocratic scent with a full bodied luxe aroma that will last a very long time. Wrap yourself in its gorgeous and refined scent for a daily moment of zen. Worth every penny of its steep $450 price, you’ll turn to this scented candle for gifting or savoring all on your own.


(Image Courtesy of Barney’s)

What more can be said about Vosges Haut Chocolat, than simply “Mmmmmm…” This gourmet chocolatier is more like a haute couturier than a dessert and confections creator. The founder, Katrina Markoff is a Cordon Bleu trained culinary expert who is flipping the script on what makes a good piece of chocolate with her Peace, Love and Chocolate mantra. Her recipes includes rare berries, spices from far flung countries, and includes flavors based on Absinthe and traditional Indian curries. Your day is instantly elevated when you sink your teeth into one of Vosges’ signature Exotic Truffles. Pick up the 9 piece sampler, at a cool $30 to ensure you have a little bit of heaven to tuck into from time to time, or pick them up as the perfect impromptu gift. These small, sweet colorful confections are voluptuous little indulgences which make a delicious impression every time you enjoy them!


(Image Courtesy of Vosges Haut Chocolat)

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