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The boundaries for beauty products between men and women are pretty steadfast; you aren’t in the market for a spicey, leathery scented after shave and he’s probably not looking to purchase a long wear liquid lipstick. However, there are some products so incredible, that both men and women flock to them for help with covering blemishes, covering grays, and looking their best.

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead

(Image courtesy of Philosophy)

One such product that women routinely buy that your man might just swipe from you is your vanishing cream or spot treatment. Men usually have it easy when it comes to blemishes and spots that crop up over night. After all, their circuitry doesn’t do the hormonal samba that ours does every month. Late nights and stress can contribute to blemishes on your man’s face, so don’t be shocked when he asks to use your blemish treatment for a quick remedy. We are loving Philosophy’s “Clear Days Ahead” product for when a minor blemish becomes a major problem for you or your guy.

Root Vanish by Kazumi
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Another thing men get too is gray hairs; and of course they want to cover them just as much as women do. Many men routinely flock to their hair salon of choice to get their roots done, so it’s really no surprise that they are in the market for a root treatment as well! Kiwabi Root Vanish Treatment is just as lovely, multi-dimensional, and authentic looking on your guy’s head of hair as it is on yours.

This temporary color treatment is packed with 22 Youth-regenerating Asian Botanicals blended to enrich the hair, roots and scalp. Fragrance and silicone-free the overall effect is natural, beautiful color. With a couple uses, he can turn back the hands of time and touch up his gray temples while on the go. It packs well, travels well, and applies effortlessly and evenly.

Men might not want to slather their faces in makeup, watch the latest contouring video on YouTube or worry about an expertly filled in brow…but they do want to conceal blemishes and grays…so stock up on these and don’t be outraged when your products get borrowed for preserving his natural state of handsome.

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