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Kazumi Morton, Master Colorist and owner of Salon Kazumi
in Beverly Hills, is co-founder of Root Vanish by Kazumi

What is your personal mantra when it comes to hair color?

Always trust your instinct.

Master colorists are known for making iconic manes. Who do you trust with your own hair color?

My assistants! They know how I like things done and I they are very easy to communicate with.

How has the hair color industry changed since you first began your career?

Clients know what they want and are more knowledgable because of all the social media. Back in the day, they would bring magazine cut outs and now they have their own “dream hair” Pinterest wall, which I love. It gives me a better idea of what they want and it makes my job easier.


zooey deschanel by kazumi elle magazine

You’re known as the “brunette master”. What makes a good brunette shade? (i.e. depth of color, fine highlights to avoid heaviness, brilliance to avoid mousy-ness, etc.?)

Condition and texture of the hair.  I can put the same color onto wavy hair and straight hair and it will come out differently. If the hair is more porous it will absorb more, so the color needs to be warmer. For example, if I layer color a few times, it will add shine and give it a more richer tone. A good colorist knows what the client wants, but also how to achieve great, rich color.

Will the ombre “trend” ever really go away?

The actual ombre trend is DONE! We are doing soft ombre “sombre” which gives you softer transition and is very flattering on everyone. It is still low maintenance and doesn’t look like you are trying to hard.

Kazumi Morton Root Vanish By Kazumi
Kazumi Morton at her new Salon Kazumii in Beverly Hills

What up and coming hair color trends are you most excited about?

BRONDE! I’ve been loving this trend, which is between blond and brown. I love keeping the natural base to give depth and adding gold/caramel highlights to add detention, it’s so flattering to everyone. think of SJP, Gisele B, Miranda Karr is rocking the look!

If you weren’t a hair stylist/master colorist and entrepreneur, what career would you pursue?

I am inspired by art and architecture, I’d be an Interior designer.

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